As team missionaries in the entertainment industry called to encourage, equip, edify and educate, Amy and I also work alongside very special Christian ministries which I have long been involved with, both during and after my agent career. Feel free to learn more about these wonderful ministries who are also making themselves available to encourage, equip and edify those in entertainment on their spiritual journal. 
Victorya Michaels Rogers

Hollywood Prayer Network **
HPN is a prayer ministry for the purpose of praying for the people, the projects and the powerful influence of the global entertainment industry. Founded by Victorya’s dear friend and co-author, Hollywood Life Ministries is a huge supporter of this ministry. All churches and all Christians across the country should be involved and support HPN. And pastors, attend their national prayer breakfast.

Mastermedia International **
 Since 1985 Mastermedia has served media executives with professional consulting, and personal counsel concerning issues of faith.  Mastermedia publishes the Media Leader Prayer Calendar and produces the National Media Prayer Breakfast. Victorya can not say enough about Larry Poland and Buster Holmes. This ministry specifically and confidentially ministers to the “higher-ups” and “big-wigs” in all areas of the Television and motion picture industry. They have had an amazing impact on this business sharing Jesus to those thought to be un-reachable. Churches across the country need to be on their mailing list for their prayer calendar.

Hollywood Connect
Hollywood Connect offers spiritual, professional and personal resources to industry Christians.  Victorya is very impressed with all the resources and extensive information shared on their website and in their "Orientation Sessions" and various seminars.  If you move to Hollywood and you love Jesus, you’ve GOT to get plugged in with Hollywood Connect, the hub for announcements and info for the Hollywood Entertainment Ministries.

Make it in Media
Since 1998, we’ve been offering coaching, consulting & education on how to break into the media and entertainment industries, based on over 20 years experience in the TV & Film business. This is Victorya’s coaching site. If you want to Victorya to coach you personally on your career goals and/or help you clarify your entertainment career and put you on the road to achieving that vision, then check out this site for details.

Act One, Inc
Act One trains Christians for careers in mainstream Hollywood.  Act One initiatives include the Writing Program, for aspiring film and television writers, and the Executive Program, for aspiring entertainment executives. If you are a Christian who is serious about a career in mainstream film and television as either a writer or executive, these conferences are worth the application process and the tuition! Victorya has taught at both.

Biola Media Conference
The Biola Media Conference brings together influential media leaders with those who can benefit from their collective, Christian wisdom for a day of education, inspiration and networking. If you want to make it in show business, save up and fly in for one of these conferences! Over the years Victorya has spoken at many of their events.

Actors Co-op
Actors Co-op is a professional theatre company made up of believers, dedicated to supporting and encouraging each other and presenting the best "art" possible. Victorya has been a supporter for years and attended many of their performances, with rave reviews. It is prestigious to be an actor chosen to be part of this troupe.

Inter-Mission creates a supportive, instructive community where artists can meet to develop personal, spiritual and professional relationships through large industry events, including screenings, seminars and forums. Victorya has spoken at Inter-Mission events on several occasions and attended many of their events over her Hollywood career.

Phil Cooke and the Change Revolution
Phil Cooke is a working producer in Hollywood with a Ph.D. in Theology.  His blog at is considered one of the most insightful resources on the web on issues of faith, culture, and media. Phil advises many of the largest and most effective non-profit and faith-based media organizations in the world. Victorya has known Phil for years and shared the stage with him many times. This man knows his stuff. Every church wanting to have a television ministry should go to him (just check out his credits—even Joyce Meyers hired him!) Also sign up for his blogs to stay on top of the intersection of faith, culture and the media.

Premise's mission is to know Christ and make Him known through our lives and work in film and television, and to support each other through prayer and fellowship. It is monthly prayer meetings for those in the entertainment industry. This was the first ministry Victorya got involved with when she started her career in Hollywood. It was here she met her dear friends Jim & Karen Covell and her own ministry began.

Christian Comedy Association
The Christian Comedy Association is an association of Christians committed to offering faith affirming truth through the craft of comedy. Victorya has spoken on the same platform with Dan Rupple, CCA’s national spokesman, on several occasions and is a big fan. If he’s involved, this must be is a great association.

168 Film Project
The 168 Hour Film Project is a production competition where films are created to premiere at the 168 Hour Film Festival.  Teams produce a short film based on a Bible verse in one week. Victorya and Amy both love this competition because it gives any up-and-comer a chance to make their first film, gift it a message, and get it in front of an audience. Go to their site and see the qualifications for this competition.

LAFSC - Los Angeles Film Studies Center
LAFSC prepares college students with a Christ-centered vision for vocations in the mainstream Hollywood entertainment industry through reflective study, intense practice, and quality internships. This is a great center for film students across the country to come out to Hollywood and get started in the heart of Los Angeles.

**Special Message from Victorya: All these specific ministries mentioned above are wonderful and proven to be sincere. Victorya is often asked “with so many to choose from, who should we support?” Who is making the biggest impact on Hollywood? Each of these Victorya has mentioned on her site are effective ministries sharing Jesus and equipping Christians to make an impact on Hollywood. If you just had to narrow it down  and are asking her which three she would most recommend you financially support with your gifts and offerings beyond your tithes to the local church, then Victorya personally recommends Hollywood Life, Hollywood Prayer Network and Mastermedia Intl.

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