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Actress/teacher Amy Wahman is thrilled to serve as a missionary to Hollywood after the course of some crazy events in the Wahman household beginning with…Amy marrying her High School Sweetheart right out of college.  She went on to have an amazing life as a wife, actress, homemaker and mom to three kids in the Suburbs of Dallas, Texas.  Life began to get a little stale in the picturesque Dallas neighborhood and Amy and her husband Roger heard this small Voice calling them out of their comfort zone into the great unknown of Los Angeles.  So in July of 2006 the Wahman’s sold their home and much of their stuff and loaded up the minivan with three kids and a dog and moved to Beverly…Hills that is…the rest continues to be written by the most Famous Author of All…
Amy teaches Bible study, speaks at churches and encourages Christians individually as well as in small groups, building personal relationships with non-believers in media. Amy uses her career as an actress to open doors for her to share her faith with those she builds relationships with on TV and movie sets as well as in her acting classes. As the Lord opens the doors, Amy enthusiastically, prayerfully and effectively shares her faith.

Amy earned her Bachelors of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas and went on to teach third grade for two years before quitting to stay home to be a full time homemaker.   During their stay in Dallas, Amy and her family attended Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX.  It is there where her passion for God’s Word, apologetics, and evangelism grew strongly.  She was asked to develop and teach Bible Studies for women with an emphasis on apologetics and evangelism.   

During this time Amy and her husband Roger began to seek their God given purpose.  God began to roll out the dream of acting for Amy.  She soon found herself in acting classes honing the craft and quickly signed with an agent.  In less than a year Amy booked her first National Commercial with Wal-Mart and a handful of successful regional commercials.  She was cast as a small group member in “Enjoy: A Thirst Quenching Look at Philippians” a Bible Study produced for Lifeway Church Resources. It is now clear to Amy, with her call to missions in Hollywood, how her God given passions in apologetics and evangelism coupled with her call to acting, is being used to glorify God in Hollywood and to encourage and inspire other Christians to step out of their comfort zone to pursue their God given purpose. If you're interested in what's going on with the dream God has given Amy and her family check out their blog at

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