Hollywood Life Ministries’ mission is to  equip, edify and educate individuals currently working (or desiring to work) in the entertainment industry as well as educate the faith-based community on how they can have a positive, life changing impact on the film and television industry.

Hollywood Life Ministries serves the entertainment industry to encourage, equip, edify and educate.

  • For those currently working (or desiring to work) in the television and motion picture industry, we are here to encourage, equip, and edify you on your spiritual journey in the midst of one of the most competitive and insecure industries in the world.
  • For the faith-based community we are here to educate you on how to become a compelling voice and positive influence on the film and television industry. Hollywood, this world’s most influential mission-field, needs your prayer, talent and financial resources. Touch the hearts of individuals in the media—one life at a time—and you change Hollywood. Change Hollywood and you change the world.


Through relationship building, Rogers and Wahman are able to share Christ with unbelievers in the entertainment industry as well as lift up discouraged believers currently working in the media. They also educate churches across the country on how to handle the media, teaching them specifically how they can have a positive relationship with Hollywood, in turn influencing a change in television programming and movies releases. Rogers and Wahman consider Hollywood to be a modern day Nineveh, needing redemption. Rogers and Wahman conduct their ministry through phone calls, emails, meetings, bible studies, auditions, consulting, mentoring, blogs, and books as well as speaking at churches and conferences across the country.

Rogers’ speaks at churches, colleges and conferences nationwide as well as coaches individuals on careers in entertainment. She desires to equip talented Christians to pursue careers in secular media to influence an increase in positive, family and faith-based programming. Wahman teaches Bible study, speaks at churches and encourages Christians individually as well as in small groups, building personal relationships with non-believers in media. Wahman evangelizes on television, commercial and movie sets as well as in her acting classes. Wahman actively shares her faith with non-believers in secular media whenever she finds herself on an audition or on a movie, TV or commercial set. As the Lord opens the doors, Wahman enthusiastically, prayerfully and effectively shares her faith. Rogers and Wahman also encourage Christian entertainment professionals through prayer and relationship. They encourage them in their relationship with God, in their call to share their faith and their personal and professional lives. This is done through in-person meetings, phone conversations, emails and letters. Rogers and Wahman also work alongside other Christian ministries in Hollywood to further the influence of Christians in media in pursuing our goal to see Christ reflected in television and film.


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